Thursday, March 24, 2016

Mi Camp Day 4 (Ramere)

Ramere 18th Poututerangi 2016.

Final morning - we were all up early, packing bags, tidying/cleaning cabins, lodges and flats.  Throughout our time at Mi Camp our parents were awesome  helping wherever help was needed. Following brekky parents cleaned the dining room, cabins, the bathrooms, loaded bags into the buses and they also made our lunch (wraps), how cool is that!
The bus drivers were running late which meant we couldn't leave until 11.00 am. Thank goodness Matua Hemi the other Tranzit Bus Driver stayed with us and was the liaison person. That was kei te pai because the tamariki did more diary writing/reflections in their camp pukapuka. Once the third bus arrive we were on board and headed to the Waiouru Army Museum for lunch  (which tamariki lined up for),  a toilet break and of course a group photo shoot. But then, on leaving Waiouru one of our buses had to be pushed by the parents to start. 

We arrived safely back at kura at 4.00pm..........

A fabulous camp (EOTC) that brought out the very best in our tamariki.

Thank you Mrs Higginson for organising this haerenga nui!

MiCamp Rapare

 Rapare 17th Poututerangi 2016
Another early morning and another awesome morning.  Tamariki up early and in the Recreation Room to do diary writing before breakfast and getting ready for the first activities of the day. 
We followed the timetable which was similar to the previous day.
Once again everyone had a great day. 
Dinner was delicious and once the dining room was cleaned we adjourned to the Rec Room to celebrate the tamariki achievements/challenges for the day followed by diary writing, supper and then bed - lights out at 9.00 pm. 
Oops who slept in the Rec Room with Mrs Higginson?   

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

MiCamp Day 2

Raapa 16th Poututerangi 2016.

7.00pm Tamariki up bright and early - Group 2 prepared parakuihi (breakfast), he reka - yummy!!! and they also had to clean up after brekky. 
8.30am Activities begin and all groups went to their respective activities. Our Group (6) hit the waterslide first ooooo ouch a bit hard not to mention not enough water running. Woohoo go Jenna A - the first down the waterslide - Well done girl! A mahi tahi card coming your way tonight. 
Morning tea was yummy and then on to more activities.  We went to Archery was next, Dreydyn and the girls were pritty good Robin Hoods and then the Burma trail - talk about the blind leading the blind - were we successful? of course! Well done team!! 
12.30pm Lunch- a hot meal, also yummy. What's next guys? Thats right, mini golf and team games - yeah those activities were ok. 
It's 3.30pm and time for afternoon tea. Yes the last activity for the day, kayaking what neat fun, easy for some and challenging for others, we did it! Thank you Sarah you're an awesome instructor.
Come on Group 7 it's 5.30pm and we're all hungry, please get dinner happening!! Thank you all, that was.........Yummy!!
Later parents handed out mahi tahi cards to tamariki who did well and who challenged and managed self, followed by diary writing supper and then bed. Sleep well tamariki ma. Po Marie.....

First Day at Mi Camp.

Raatu 15th Poututerangi 2016

We finally arrived at about 4.00 pm. All in all our trip to Mi camp went really well. No one feeling sick. Jeepers look at the size of this complex /place! 
Parents are already showing their helpful skills - good one guys and dolls! 
Mahi number one - Everyone helped to unload the buses, taking their bags to their cabins and making beds before gathering in the Recreation Room to Lucas's welcome and to the 'dos and don'ts' around the complex and also for our next instruction.
There was time to play games organised by parents - What FUN!
At 5.20pm we gathered for dinner, said karakia, sanitised our ringaringa and lined up for the evening meal - yummy!
Group 12 did dining room duties before and following dinner.
The rest of the night was a breeze with diary writing and bed at 9.oo pm. Mmmm not too bad tamariki slept like logs.

Departing Turangi

The weather was  fabulous, warm and bright!
Soooo we stopped in Turangi for lunch and also to give the tamariki a break and some chilling out time for parents and teachers.
So far everything is running smoothly and yet again there's excitement as we board the buses again which will complete the last leg of our trip to Mi Camp Lake Taupo.  
The picture is what we had to look forward to once we arrived at the camp. WOW!

Mahi Tahi - (Working Together & Collaborating)

Journey to Mi Camp Taupo

Hui - a - Kura (Assembly)