Tuesday, March 22, 2016

First Day at Mi Camp.

Raatu 15th Poututerangi 2016

We finally arrived at about 4.00 pm. All in all our trip to Mi camp went really well. No one feeling sick. Jeepers look at the size of this complex /place! 
Parents are already showing their helpful skills - good one guys and dolls! 
Mahi number one - Everyone helped to unload the buses, taking their bags to their cabins and making beds before gathering in the Recreation Room to Lucas's welcome and to the 'dos and don'ts' around the complex and also for our next instruction.
There was time to play games organised by parents - What FUN!
At 5.20pm we gathered for dinner, said karakia, sanitised our ringaringa and lined up for the evening meal - yummy!
Group 12 did dining room duties before and following dinner.
The rest of the night was a breeze with diary writing and bed at 9.oo pm. Mmmm not too bad tamariki slept like logs.

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  1. The parents were awesome! Big thanks to them all for making camp so memorable!