Tuesday, March 22, 2016

MiCamp Day 2

Raapa 16th Poututerangi 2016.

7.00pm Tamariki up bright and early - Group 2 prepared parakuihi (breakfast), he reka - yummy!!! and they also had to clean up after brekky. 
8.30am Activities begin and all groups went to their respective activities. Our Group (6) hit the waterslide first ooooo ouch a bit hard not to mention not enough water running. Woohoo go Jenna A - the first down the waterslide - Well done girl! A mahi tahi card coming your way tonight. 
Morning tea was yummy and then on to more activities.  We went to Archery was next, Dreydyn and the girls were pritty good Robin Hoods and then the Burma trail - talk about the blind leading the blind - were we successful? of course! Well done team!! 
12.30pm Lunch- a hot meal, also yummy. What's next guys? Thats right, mini golf and team games - yeah those activities were ok. 
It's 3.30pm and time for afternoon tea. Yes the last activity for the day, kayaking what neat fun, easy for some and challenging for others, we did it! Thank you Sarah you're an awesome instructor.
Come on Group 7 it's 5.30pm and we're all hungry, please get dinner happening!! Thank you all, that was.........Yummy!!
Later parents handed out mahi tahi cards to tamariki who did well and who challenged and managed self, followed by diary writing supper and then bed. Sleep well tamariki ma. Po Marie.....

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