Thursday, March 2, 2017

Ruma Wha Wahanga Tuatahi Timetable 2017

8.55 am
Wā Whānaungātangā
9.00 - 9.15 am

Home Room

(Jessie & Pam)
Home Room

(Jessie & Pam)
Home Room

(Jessie & Pam)
Home Room
(Pam CRT Odd Wks)
Odd Wks Dance Rm 4 & 3
Even Weeks Dance Rm 1 & 2
P E on weeks Kelly not doing dance
Home Room

Rm4 Writing (Pam)
10.30 – 10.50 am
Paramanawa - Morning Tea
Wā Whānaungātangā - Panui Wahangu - silent reading
11.00 am

Target Maths Groups


Rich Maths Task
(James & Josh)

Target Maths Groups

Rich Maths Tasks
(James & Josh)

Target Maths Groups

Rich Math Task
(James & Josh)
Ruma 4 Home Room

Home Room 1,2,3,
Ruma 4 (Pam)
Area Team Kapa Haka

Workshops x3
Rms 1,2,3
         Writing (Kelly)
             Rms 1,2,3

Kapa Haka @ 11.45
12.25 – 1.15 pm
Lunch Time
Wā Whānaungātangā - silent reading                                              
1.45 pm

Te Reo Maori (R4)


Te Reo Maori (R4)
Swimming (James) 1.30
Swimming (Jessie) 2.00

Team Inquiry
(Rm 1/2/3/4)

Swimming (Josh) 1.20
kauhae(Pam) 1.50
Team Inquiry
Buddy Class
Ruma 4/15


Hula Hoop Creative Dance
We explored a variety of movements both frozen and with movement using a prop (hula hoop)
In the beginning we made frozen shapes using our bodies in a variety of different ways and levels.  Then we experimented with movement in and around our hula hoop, creating different ways to travel through, around or over it. Finally we combined both frozen images and movement together to create a partner dance.
Look at all the fun we had working together and creating our dances.

Ms Donald

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Volcano Dance
We have been exploring the dance element vocabulary of leaping, bursting, stretching and bubbling.  We then explored how we can represent these words through movement.

We looked at pictures that depicted the process of a volcano erupting.  We observed the different stages, slowly pulsing, bubbling, leaping bursting, powerful explosions.
The students then created dances that represented the different stages of a volcano erupting.

Ms Donald

Tena Koutou Whanau ma, Tamariki ma o Nga Hau e Wha


mo tenei tau


I've been told a great holiday has been had by everyone and it is wonderful our tamariki have returned to kura and ready to begin another year.
We welcome four new babys born during the holidays to West End. 
Mr Arnold's has a baby - Jude Richard, Mrs Pouniu had a son - Vilisoni.
Miss Hacking had Reed, and Mr Lobb's has a daughter -Maddison. Congratulations to them all!!

We have a lot more korero and photos to put on our blog so watch this space.

Nga mihi

Ruma Wha.