Sunday, April 30, 2017

Youth Pipe Band

WOOHOO!!! 'WOW' what a treat it was to have on our first day (Term 2) back a visiting Performing Arts Group - namely
The Youth Pipe Band.
They were both fantastic and amazing, our TWNoT tamariki enjoyed the musical sounds coming from the large bass drums and the bagpipes and also the opportunity given us to play the drums.

Nga mihi Ms Donald for

organising this one


Friday, April 14, 2017

Te Wao Nui o Tane Timetable Wahanga Rua 2017

Mahi Toi - (Koru Art)

Kei te ako nga tamariki ki te (WALT): draw curves and spiral in our mahi toi to design koru patterns.
The inspiration came from our recent noho at the local marae:
Te Hotumanawa o Rangitane o Manawatu.
Motivation came from the koru, pou, tukutuku, kowhaiwhai and whakairo displayed in an around the wharenui.
Tino pai rawa tou mahi tamariki ma!!!

Friday, April 7, 2017

Here's how some of our kotiro (girls) and tama (boys) use their free time.
Tamariki have been earning points (a maximum of 25 or more per day) which enables them to get 15 minutes free time at 2.30 pm each day. Points are awarded for those tamariki who are ready to begin all lessons, who are focused, managing self, and who make an effort to participate and contribute during the school day.  
Earning these points and rewards are used as a positive reinforcement and we (teachers) make every endeavour to ensure all tamariki earn free time. 

Mmmm..... What is an OZOBOT? We had fun learning about, participating in and being really engaged in the OZOBOT activities.
We now know that an ozobot is a smart robot. Its has sensors underneath and these are like its eyes. An ozobot recognises shapes and lines like the ones we designed and we know that they travel mostly along the black lines.

Te month of Poututerangi saw a very large crowd (Whanau from all cultures) attend our 'Pangarau evening'. The presentation by the pangarau team was excellent. There were spot prizes to be won and maths problems to be solved.  
The TWNoT team math problems were 'Who Dunnit' problems and what a heap of fun the various small groups of whanau (parents and tamariki) had working together to solve them.

TWNOT Noho MArae Trip

TWNOT  Noho  Marae 

The tamariki enjoying themselves. And the activities were challenging but tamariki used a growth mindset and didn't give up. When the younger tamariki from Tipuranga visited the marae we (TWNoT) did a beautiful powhiri, it was great. Tamariki had opportunities to bond with their peers and then sharing learning about the tikanga and the kawa relating to:
Te Hotu Manawa o Rangitane o Manawatu Manawatu Marae.