Saturday, June 24, 2017

Gym - Revele & Chasse

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Rolls: Tuck/ Hedgehog Roll
                      Pencil Roll
                      Dish Roll

                  Elephant Roll
                     Teddy Bear/Circle Roll

          Stretch Shape
               Straddle Shape
               Pike Shape
               Tuck Shape

       Step Hop


TWNoT have been learning about and how to do the above gymnastic rolls, shapes and more recently (yesterday - Friday 23rd June) tamariki were hardout learning travel moves - 'Ka mau te wehi' ('Awesome'). 
We all now know what releve and chasse are and can we pronounce them? Well - of course we can - now!
Tamariki continued to focus on: Control and Technique
In travel moves, were there any pointed toes? Mmmm. Well done to those tamariki who did point toes. Phew!!
Finally tamariki practised a routine of 3-4 different moves. 
Along with other children Elone, Mason and Kasey - 'woohoo' - gave an awesome presentation of their routine - Tino pai rawa!

       A Releve                                                         A Tuck /Roll


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