Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Little Red Robin Riding Hood

On the first of August, New Zealand Playhouse came to our school!

They performed a show called " Little red riding robin hood ". It was a variation of little red riding hood. The performers were really good actors and did a great show! It was really funny and everyone liked it.

PNINS Roadshow.

PNINS Roadshow

On Wednesday the 25th of July PNINS (Palmerston North Intermediate Normal School) came to West end school during the afternoon to do a road show because year 6's are going to an intermediate school and they are one of them. At the start of the show they were on 
a plane trip, destination: the future.They showed us the main parts of PNINS which were Academics,
Performing Arts , Citizenship and Sports.Here are some pictures.